We recognise that the present situation regarding Covid 19 may have changed the way you feel with regards to international travel, and so consequently we have tried our utmost to instil what we regard as best practice.

  • Our tours will only go ahead once France’s entry requirements are seen to be both safe and reasonable, and that local restrictions do not significantly impair the tour itinerary.

  • We will continue to observe good hygiene practice, including regular handwashing and sanitising, observing the necessary physical distancing, and request that clients do the same.

  • We would ask that face coverings be worn in compliance with local guidelines.

  • Our bikes will continue to be vigorously cleaned after each tour, and in addition will now be sanitised prior to use. Every bike will also stand unused for a minimum of 48 hours before being used again.

  • To ensure the safety of both us and you, your luggage may be sprayed with sanitiser when transfers take place.

  • Our local partners are able to meet Government set Covid safety requirements. We are confident in that the hotels we use, all known to us personally, are following enhanced Covid protocols.

  • Even in “normal times” we stress the need for every client to have adequate travel insurance cover, and so with the situation as it is, please ensure that this advice is followed.

All of our tours are self-guided and you will be traveling with companions known to you personally.
You will not be traveling in a group with strangers, and this should enhance your confidence.

Temporary Payment Terms

In order to give our customers some peace of mind in light of the Covid 19 virus, we have come up with a temporary policy regarding bookings until such a time that things are a little more stable.

  • Once a reservation is received we will contact the hotels and check upon availability;

  • If available we will reserve and confirm the trip;

  • In order to keep the rooms on hold we will ask the clients to pay a 50 Euro per person deposit (rather than the usual 10% deposit we ask for);

  • The outstanding balance (final invoice) will be issued 30 days prior to the tour start date (rather than the usual eight weeks);

  • The client will then have 7 days to settle the outstanding balance;

  • Within these 7 days, the client has the option to choose to not to proceed;

  • If you decide to cancel at this point, the 50 Euro per person deposit will be kept as a credit towards a future tour (to be used within one calendar year of the originally planned start date).